Selected publications

Journal Papers

27. The grid theorem for vertex-minors (with Jim Geelen, Rose McCarty and Paul Wollan)
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. B accepted, arXiv:1909.08113

26. Graphs of bounded depth-2 rank-brittleness (with Sang-il Oum)
Journal of Graph Theory accepted, arXiv:1906.05753

25. Branch-depth: Generalizing tree-depth of graphs (with Matt DeVos and Sang-il Oum)
European Journal of Combinatorics. 90 (Dec, 2020), 103186, arXiv:1903.11988

24. Erdos-Posa property of chordless cycles and its applications (with Eun Jung Kim)
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. B. 145 (Nov, 2020), pp 65-112, (SODA 2018, arXiv:1711:00667, Movie from Discrete Seminar at KAIST )

23. Graphs without two vertex-disjoint S-cycles (with Minjeong Kang and Myounghwan Lee)
Discrete Mathematics. 343(10) (Oct 2020) 111997. (arXiv:1908.09065)

22. An optimal XP algorithm for Hamiltonian cycle on graphs of bounded clique-width (with Benjamin Bergougnoux and Mamadou Kanté)
Algorithmica. 82(6) (June, 2020), pp 1654-1674WADS 2017, arXiv:1702.06095

21. Mim-width I. Induced path problems (with Lars Jaffke and Jan Arne Telle)
Discrete Applied Mathematics. 278 (15 May, 2020), pp 153-168, IPEC 2017arXiv:1708:04536

20. Scattered classes of graphs (with Sang-il Oum)
SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 34(1) (Mar. 2020), pp 972–999arXiv:1801.06004

19. Mim-width II. The feedback vertex set problem (with Lars Jaffke and Jan Arne Telle)
Algorithmica. 82(1). (Jan, 2020), pp 118-145, STACS 2018arXiv:1710.07148

18. On low rank-width colorings (with Michal Pilipczuk and Sebastian Siebertz)
European Journal of Combinatorics. 83. (Jan, 2020), WG 2017arXiv:1703.03304

17. Classes of graphs with no long cycle as a vertex-minor are polynomially chi-bounded (with Ringi Kim, Sang-il Oum, and Vaidy Sivaraman)
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. B. 140 (Jan. 2020), pp 372-386, arXiv:1809.04278

16. Mim-Width III. Graph Powers and Generalized Distance Domination Problems (with Lars JaffkeTorstein Stromme, and Jan Arne Telle)
Theoretical Computer Sciences. 796. (Dec, 2019) pp 216-236, IPEC 2018arXiv:1803.03514

15. Generalized feedback vertex set problems on bounded-treewidth graphs: chordality is the key to single-exponential parameterized algorithms (with Edouard BonnetNick Brettell, and Dániel Marx)
Algorithmica. 81(10) (Oct 2019), pp 3890-3935, IPEC 2017arXiv:1704.06757Movie from Discrete Seminar at KAIST 

14. Chi-boundedness of graph classes excluding wheel vertex-minors (with Hojin Choi,  Sang-il Oum and Paul Wollan)
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. B. 135 (Mar. 2019), pp 319-348, arXiv:1702.07851, Movie from SigMa 2017

13. Linear rank-width of distance-hereditary graphs II. Vertex-minor obstructions (with Mamadou Kanté)
European Journal of Combinatorics. 74 (Dec. 2018), pp 110-139arXiv:1508.04718

12. A single-exponential fixed-parameter algorithm for Distance-Hereditary Vertex Deletion (with Eduard Eiben and Robert Ganian)
Journal of Computer and System Sciences. 97 (Nov. 2018), pp 121-146arXiv:1604:06056

11. A width parameter useful for chordal and co-comparability graphs (with Dong Yeup Kang, Torstein Stromme, and Jan Arne Telle)
Theoretical Computer Sci. 704 (15. Dec. 2017), pp 1-17 , WALCOM 2017

10. Packing and covering immersion models of planar subcubic graphs (with Archontia GiannopoulouJean-Florent Raymond, and Dimitrios M. Thilikos)
European. J. Combin. 65 (Oct. 2017), pp 154-167 , WG 2016

9. A polynomial kernel for Block Graph Deletion (with Eun Jung Kim)
Algorithmica. 79 (Sep, 2017), pp 251-270
 , IPEC 2015

8. An FPT algorithm and a polynomial kernel for Linear Rankwidth-1 Vertex Deletion (with Mamadou KantéEun Jung Kim, and Christophe Paul)
Algorithmica. 79 (Sep, 2017), pp 66-95
 , IPEC 2015

7. Linear rank-width of distance-hereditary graphs I. A polynomial time algorithm (with Isolde Adler and Mamadou Kanté)
Algorithmica. 78 (May, 2017), pp 342-377 , WG 2014

6. Coloring graphs without fan vertex-minors and graphs without cycle pivot-minors (with Ilkyoo Choi and Sang-il Oum)
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. B. 123 (March, 2017), pp. 126-147

5. Characterizing width two for variants of treewidth (with Hans L. BodlaenderStefan Kratsch, Vincent Kreuzen, and Seongmin Ok)
Discrete Applied Math. 216(Jan 10, 2017), pp. 29-46

4. Tree-depth and vertex-minors (with Pétr HlinenyJan Obdrzalek, and Sebastian Ordyniak)
European J. Combin. 56 (Augest, 2016), pp. 46-56

3. Excluded vertex-minors for graphs of linear rank-width at most k (with Jisu Jeong and Sang-il Oum)
European J. Combin. 41(October, 2014), pp. 242-257
  , STACS 2013

2. Unavoidable vertex-minors in large prime graphs (with Sang-il Oum)
European J. Combin. 41(October, 2014), pp. 100-127

1. Graphs of small rank-width are pivot-minors of graphs of small tree-width (with Sang-il Oum)
Discrete Applied Math. 168(May 11, 2014), pp. 108-118

Refereed Conference Papers without Journal Version

11. Close relatives of Feedback Vertex Set without single-exponential algorithms parameterized by treewidth (with Benjamin BergougnouxEdouard Bonnet, and Nick Brettell)
IPEC 2020 accepted arXiv:2007.14179

10. A polynomial kernel for 3-leaf power deletion (with Jungho AhnEduard Eiben, and Sang-il Oum)
MFCS 2020 accepted arXiv:1911:04249

9. Well-partitioned chordal graphs: obstruction set and disjoint paths (with Jungho AhnLars Jaffke, and Paloma T. Lima)
WG 2020 accepted arXiv:2002.10859

8. The Directed Flat Wall Theorem (with Archontia GiannopoulouKen-ichi Kawarabayashi, and Stephan Kreutzer)
SODA 2020 accepted

7. Tree pivot-minors and linear rank-width (with Konrad DabrowskiFrancois DrossJisu JeongMamadou KantéSang-il Oum, and Daniel Paulusma)
EUROCOMB 2019 (arXiv:2008.00561)

6. Measuring what Matters: A Hybrid Approach to Dynamic Programming with Treewidth (with Eduard EibenRobert Ganian and Thekla Hamm)
MFCS 2019 (arXiv:1908.10132)

5. Lean tree-cut decompositions: obstructions and algorithms (with Archontia GiannopoulouJean-Florent Raymond, and Dimitrios M. Thilikos)
STACS 2019 (arXiv:1808.00863)

4. Recognizing small pivot-minors (with Konrad DabrowskiFrancois DrossJisu JeongMamadou KantéSang-il Oum, and Daniel Paulusma)
WG 2018  (submitted file)

3. Neighborhood complexity and kernelization for nowhere dense classes of graphs (with Kord EickmeyerArchontia GiannopoulouStephan KreutzerMichal PilipczukRoman Rabinovich, and Sebastian Siebertz)
ICALP 2017 (full version : arXiv:1612.08197)

2. A polynomial kernel of Distance-Hereditary Vertex Deletion (with Eun Jung Kim)
WADS 2017 (full version : arXiv:1610.07229)

1. Parameterized vertex deletion problems for hereditary graph classes with a block property (with Edouard BonnetNick Brettell, and Dániel Marx)
WG 2016 (full version : arXiv:1603.05945)


8. The canonical directed tree decomposition and its applications to the directed disjoint paths problem (with Archontia GiannopoulouKen-ichi Kawarabayashi, and Stephan Kreutzer)
arXiv:2009.13184 submitted

7. Erdos-Posa property of long holes in C4-free graphs (with Tony Huynh)

6. Half-integral Erdos-Posa property of directed odd cycles (with Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi, Stephan Kreutzer, and Qiqin Xie)
arXiv:2007.12257 submitted

5. Rainbow independent sets on dense graph classes (with Jinha Kim and Minki Kim)
arXiv:2001.10566 submitted

4. Obstructions for bounded shrub-depth and rank-depth (with Rose McCartySang-il Oum, and Paul Wollan)
arXiv:1911.00230 submitted

3. A Menger-like property of tree-cut width (with Archontia GiannopoulouJean-Florent Raymond, and Dimitrios M. Thilikos)
arXiv:1808.00863 submitted (journal version of a part of STACS 2019 paper)

2. Erdos-Posa property of minor-models with prescribed vertex sets (with Dániel Marx)
arXiv:1904.00879 manuscript

1. Packing and covering induced subdivisions (with Jean-Florent Raymond)
arXiv:1803.07581 submitted


Ph.D. Thesis On the structural and algorithmic properties of linear rank-width [File]
Master Thesis Connecting rank-width and tree-width via pivot-minors [File]