Journal Papers

14. Chi-boundedness of graph classes excluding wheel vertex-minors (with Hojin Choi and Sang-il Oum and Paul Wollan)
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Ser. B accepted, arXiv:1702.07851, Movie from SigMa 2017

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11. A width parameter useful for chordal and co-comparability graphs (with Dong Yeup Kang, Torstein Stromme, and Jan Arne Telle)
Theoretical Computer Sci. 704 (15. Dec. 2017), pp 1-17 (Proceeding : WALCOM 2017)

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9. A polynomial kernel for Block Graph Deletion (with Eun Jung Kim)
Algorithmica. 79 (Sep, 2017), pp 251-270
 (Proceeding : IPEC 2015)

8. An FPT algorithm and a polynomial kernel for Linear Rankwidth-1 Vertex Deletion (with Mamadou KantéEun Jung Kim, and Christophe Paul)
Algorithmica. 79 (Sep, 2017), pp 66-95
(Proceeding : IPEC 2015)

7. Linear rank-width of distance-hereditary graphs I. A polynomial time algorithm (with Isolde Adler and Mamadou Kanté)
Algorithmica. 78 (May, 2017), pp 342-377 (Proceeding : WG 2014)

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3. Excluded vertex-minors for graphs of linear rank-width at most k (with Jisu Jeong and Sang-il Oum)
European J. Combin. 41(October, 2014), pp. 242-257
  (Proceeding : STACS 2013)

2. Unavoidable vertex-minors in large prime graphs (with Sang-il Oum)
European J. Combin. 41(October, 2014), pp. 100-127

1. Graphs of small rank-width are pivot-minors of graphs of small tree-width (with Sang-il Oum)
Discrete Applied Math. 168(May 11, 2014), pp. 108-118

Refereed Conference Papers without Journal Version

11. Generalized distance domination problems and their complexity on graphs of bounded mim-width (with Lars Jaffke, Torstein Stromme, and Jan Arne Telle)
IPEC 2018 accepted (submitted file)

10. Recognizing small pivot-minors (with Konrad DabrowskiFrancois DrossJisu JeongMamadou KantéSang-il Oum, and Daniel Paulusma)
WG 2018 accepted (submitted file)

9. A unified polynomial-time algorithm for Feedback Vertex Set on graphs of bounded mim-width (with Lars Jaffke and Jan Arne Telle)
STACS 2018 (full version : arXiv:1710.07148)

8. Erdos-Posa property of chordless cycles and its applications (with Eun Jung Kim)
SODA 2018 (full version : arXiv:1711:00667, Movie from Discrete Seminar at KAIST )

7. Polynomial-time algorithms for the Longest Induced Path and Induced Disjoint Paths problems on graphs of bounded mim-width (with Lars Jaffke and Jan Arne Telle)
IPEC 2017 (full version : arXiv:1708:04536)

6. Generalized feedback vertex set problems on bounded-treewidth graphs: chordality is the key to single-exponential parameterized algorithms (with Edouard BonnetNick Brettell, and Dániel Marx)
IPEC 2017  (full version : arXiv:1704.06757Movie from Discrete Seminar at KAIST )

5. On low rank-width colorings (with Michal Pilipczuk and Sebastian Siebertz)
WG 2017  (full version : arXiv:1703.03304)

4. Neighborhood complexity and kernelization for nowhere dense classes of graphs (with Kord EickmeyerArchontia GiannopoulouStephan KreutzerMichal PilipczukRoman Rabinovich, and Sebastian Siebertz)
ICALP 2017 (full version : arXiv:1612.08197)

3. An optimal XP algorithm for Hamiltonian cycle on graphs of bounded clique-width (with Benjamin Bergougnoux and Mamadou Kanté)
WADS 2017 (full version : arXiv:1702.06095)

2. A polynomial kernel of Distance-Hereditary Vertex Deletion (with Eun Jung Kim)
WADS 2017 (full version : arXiv:1610.07229)

1. Parameterized vertex deletion problems for hereditary graph classes with a block property (with Edouard BonnetNick Brettell, and Dániel Marx)
WG 2016 (full version : arXiv:1603.05945)


4. Classes of graphs with no long cycle as a vertex-minor are polynomially chi-bounded (with Ringi Kim, Sang-il Oum, and Vaidy Sivaraman)
arXiv:1809.04278 submitted

3. Lean tree-cut decompositions: obstructions and algorithms (with Archontia GiannopoulouJean-Florent Raymond, and Dimitrios M. Thilikos)
arXiv:1808.00863 submitted

2. Packing and covering induced subdivisions (with Jean-Florent Raymond)
arXiv:1803.07581 submitted

1. Scattered classes of graphs (with Sang-il Oum)
arXiv:1801.06004 submitted


Ph.D. Thesis On the structural and algorithmic properties of linear rank-width [File]
Master Thesis Connecting rank-width and tree-width via pivot-minors [File]